Chesterton Valley Competition Fixtures


Open Stablefords & Pairs

open to both members and non members who have a current handicap

  Chesterton Valley Comps 2019
OPEN Stableford EVERY wednesday
Jan 12th Saturday Stableford
Jan 27th Sunday Stableford
Feb 10th Sunday OPEN Stableford
Feb 16th Saturday Texas Scramble
Feb 23rd Saturday Stableford
March 9th Saturday Stableford
March 24th Sunday Medal
April 14th Sunday Stableford
April 22nd Monday Bank Holiday OPEN Stableford
April 27th Saturday Medal
May 6th Monday Bank Holiday OPEN Stableford
May 11th Saturday Stableford
May 22nd Wed Bankss Bitter Bowl Open Stab
May 26th Sunday Medal
May 27th Monday Bank Holiday OPEN Stableford
June 9th Sunday Stableford
June 16th Sunday Open Pairs
June 22nd Saturday Medal
June 29th Saturday Summer Texas Scramble
July 6th Saturday Steve Cooper's Captain's Day
July 13th Saturday Two Day stableford
July 14th Sunday Two Day stableford
July 28th Sunday Medal
Aug 3rd Saturday Annual Team Event
Aug 11th Sunday Stableford
Aug 24th Saturday Medal
Aug 26th Monday Bank Holiday OPEN Stableford
Sept 1st Sunday Teams Of Three
Sept 7th Saturday Stableford
Sept 22nd Sunday Club Champs  NETT & GROSS
Oct 13th Sunday Stableford
Oct 19th Saturday Medal & RON HINTON Scratch
Nov 9th Saturday Stableford
Nov 24th Sunday Stableford
Dec 1st Sunday Stableford
Dec 8th Sunday Stableford
Dec 15th Sunday Christmas Scramble