Chesterton Valley

The Ron Hinton Gross Trophy 2018

2018 Winner Keiron Mountford

Medals & Stablefords Qualifiers (Players who have shot 79 or less in any of the medal comps, or 29+ points off scratch in the Stablefords from October to September inclusive)

Medal Qualifiers

Stableford Qualifiers

October 2017    
November 2017   Richard Ball
December 2017    
January 2018    


May Keiron Mountford 76 Nigel Hamblett 77 Nigel Hamblett 29 Keiron Mountford 31
June Keiron Mountford 77 D. Astley 79 Tony Brown 31 Nigel Hamblett 29
July   Keiron Mountford 33 Dan Hamblett 31 Nigel Hamblett 30 Richard Ball 34 Neil Williams 32
August Steve Rhodes, Jeremy Slater, Rich Ball, Dan Hamblett, Nigel Hamblett, Keiron Mountford, Tony Brown  
September Winner Keiron Mountford  



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